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I get an average of five views a day on a site barely advertised, yet somehow nobody is active on this site. 

What I'm basically saying is that if I have that many people reading my articles on a site advertised only by starwarstimeline.net and starwarsfans.fandom.com, than they should at least leave comments and hit that little "follow" button at the bottom of the screen. So please do that!

Also, I updated the "About" on the site, since it had outdated info. That's really it for now. 


Visit "Complete Cartoonery"!


I now have a new blog, completecartoonery.blogspot.com! It's a whole blog devoted to one of my passions, cartoons, as well as some superhero stuff and old comedies. It's a growth out of a website I tried earlier this year that didn't work out, so a few articles are already there, including one I just finished writing five minutes ago called "Bootleg Superhero Toys on Amazon!". Don't worry; this doesn't mean I'm throwing this site on the backburner. I'm just letting out my other obsessions elsewhere. 

Please, check it out! 

The Mystery of the Phase One Stormtrooper, or the "Phase III StormClone"

For some reason, Wookieepedia is hesitant to have any info on something I've long wondered: what is this thing above? I'm gonna look into that right now, in the first (and very short) piece of new Jedi Sabacc lore! 


In the PS2 version of The Force Unleashed, a sort of weird prototype stormtrooper is in the first level (y'know, the Kashyyyk-Vader-"Rogue Jedi" thing) walking around. The same thing is in the PS3 version, but less. See below:

So what kind of a stormtrooper is this?

First of all, I'm not the only one who's noticed. Whitearmor.net discussed it on a forum (this was the one that dubbed it Phase III, or "Stormclone"), as well as on Reddit. The well-known mod for the original Battlefront II "Dark Times II: Rising Sun" includes them (see below). 

Strangely, The Bad Batch episode "War-Mantle" introduced its own proto-stormtrooper, so I can't imagine what to rank this thing. 

Some more cannibalized McQuarrie! 


I believe them to be some sort of transitional stormtrooper (*OBVIOUS*). They seem to be made up of non-clones, because they sound almost nothing like Dee Bradley Baker or Temuera Morrison. It's also possible that they are a 501st only variant, but then that would make clones as part of their ranks (per BFII's "Rise of the Empire" campaign). The Bad Batch trooper may also bring a change in the timeline for TFU's opening scene. Since The Bad Batch is unquestionably in 19 BBY, and TFU's opening in 18, it may have to be taken back to somewhere during the former show's first season. That's all I can say.

Anyway, I know this article was short but it had to be said, 'cause hardly anybody else has. Goodbye for now! 

Somehow this was a better idea than anything in the new BFII.


Fanon Encounters is CANCELLED, and ANOTHER update

Fanon Encounters is CANCELLED beyond the point of return. I realized that I really didn't want to do it, and I thought of a better project to do, which will be revealed soon. 

The update is that I am currently looking into a 2009 fan film saga for Rya Kirsch, called Spirits of the Force. Released in three parts initially by the Phoenix Fan Force, Galactic Voyage calls it "no budget", but it doesn't look that bad. It has Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors in it, so it should be cool. 

Restoring this will be fun. 

As a note, I have never played Jedi Academy or Jedi Outcast, so I won't be able to tell out as contradictions that may lurk within.

Anyway, have a pleasant Thursday!

The Rya Kirsch Contest Turned Out Predictably

The results of the contest were somewhat predictable. I had surmised (but not revealed) that I believed that many would not make it, and I can "I told you so!" myself for once. Let's get to it:



"HALF-FAILED" means that it failed to pass, but not miserably. I had two problems:
  • Too blurry, so it might be unrestorable
  • Uses too much music from other movies, which I try to keep out of the Rya Kirsch listing
Other than this, it was still decent overall, and I still recommend it.

JANGO (2003)


Awful, simply awful; about 1% on its College Acceptance. It makes no sense continuity-wise, since Fett is a white guy instead of a Maori (like Temuera Morrison really is), has a wife, and works for a pale, black-cloaked creep living in Jabba's Palace for no reason whatsoever who should've wore a big "I'm not Palpatine" sign over him. The effects were terrible, apparently done by the guy who did practically everything else for the film. There was also an orc in the film for no reason, other than it looked like it was stolen from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. The only reason this film doesn't get a 0% score is because the ones mentioned in "Beginner's Guide to Fan Films" are much worse. This one will most likely be in the forthcoming updated edition of that older essay, as well as an upcoming essay. 

I just read this on TheForce.Net's submissions page, by the way:

TFN FanFilms will only host fan made films that are of the highest quality. While we appreciate the efforts of all fans, the only ones we can afford to dedicate time to are those that really stand out in our minds. Be sure to make the best film you can. If you would like to get an idea of the type of productions we are interested in, check our track record and see how you stack up. Remember though, that films like TROOPSREVELATIONSTHE JEDI HUNTER, and BROKEN ALLEGIANCE were made with more resources than you may have available, but use them and the balance of all TFN fan films as a rule for your project.

ROGUE (2001)

I found the poster on Phispace! I loved this one; definitely one of my favorites and is now on the "Project Rya Kirsch" page. Is a little blurry, though-but not unfixable. 


Its status is still the same it was all those months ago-not good enough. I wish it would be alittle more imaginative. It's more of just typical of Star Wars Adventure Journal short stories, but with all-Humans and weird costumes. Whatever. 

So all that made it was Rogue. At least this misadventure was productive in some way. Now I can get back to Tom and Jerry Golden Collection: Vol. 1

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